DECEMBER 3, 2013


It is our intention to provide you with access to our latest research and that of other independent Mars researchers as the exciting investigation into the artificial constructs on the surface of Mars continues to unfold.
The Mars Codex documentary is the result of a little over two years of editing and fine tuning our data base of the last 22 years of research. Starting with the Face on Mars and its surrounding structures we wanted to produce a video program that would give the general public a crash course in the new and evolving field of xenoarchaeology – which is the study of artificial structures on the surface of planetary bodies in our Solar System – in this case Mars. This ground breaking documentary includes some of the most convincing examples of artificial structures that have ever been photographed on the surface of Mars. So please take the time to access this 47 minute program, pop some popcorn, sit back and be prepared to be transported on to an off world expedition of Martian archaeology.
Regards, George Haas and William Saunders

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