FEBRUARY 25, 2014


Much of this new documentary, produced and directed by William R. Saunders and George J. Hass of the Cydonia Institute, is based on their books: The Cydonia Codex (2004) and The Mars Codex (2009). George J. Haas is founder and premier investigator of The Cydonia Institute, established in 1991. He is a member of the Archaeological Institute of America and the Pre-Columbian Society of the University of Pennsylvania. William R. Saunders graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geomorphology. He was introduced to the Face on Mars in 1991 by Richard Hoagland’s book, The Monuments of Mars. He began looking at the Mars Global Surveyor images on NASA’s website with their first release in April of 1998, and he met George Haas on a website discussion group shortly thereafter.
This DVD features a fast-paced program highlighting many of their discoveries on the red planet over the past 22 years a well as presenting some new information—released here for the first time—revealing the true identity of these Martian builders. Narrated by Erich Boehm, the documentary begins with a re-examination of the famous Face on Mars by presenting a set of companion masks discovered on a small pyramid located in Cerros, Belize.
Following the design code imbedded within the Face, the authors explore a series of recurring motifs of half and bifurcated geoglyphs—“hidden in plain sight” across thesurface of Mars—and compare them to terrestrial counterparts found within the art and sculpture of Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt. The results of their extensive research substantiate a commonality shared between two opposing worlds that appear to be communicating within a singular vision, linked to the lost craft of the Master Builders—aka, The Freemasons.
Since Saunders and Haas invited Richard Hoagland to write the forward to their book The Cydonia Codex, it seems fitting to include an excerpt here, as his insight on their research is interesting:
“The Enterprise Mission has consistently maintained since we began our own investigations that if the Face on Mars was artificially created, it should be consistent with the whole of Cydonia—which displays many additional examples of this underlying ‘dual asymmetry,’ as well as an amazing geometric pattern. From a scientific point of view, it is this designed pattern that now overwhelmingly confirms the artificial nature of this complex, revealed in the highly repetitive, tetrahedral mathematics incorporated in Cydonia’s various structures. It was this extraordinary geometric legacy that, early on, led us to expect that, if ‘the Builders’ were indeed trying to say something profound with their mile-long, 1,500-foot-high Face, it would be through this surrounding context—the pivotal, geometric ‘Message of Cydonia.’ It is just such a communicative geometry that ultimately formed the insight for my own Hyperdimensional Physics Model, extensively potential cultural answers to the enigma of Cydonia, as well, beginning with the haunting duality of the Face itself—answers that may now hearken back to the most ancient of our cultures here on Earth—a link that I termed in Monuments, ‘the Terrestrial Connection.’ “For if the Face on Mars is an authentic work of art, if the Cydonia complex is reality, if this ancient Martian civilization once did, in fact, exist, one would ultimately have to get into the minds of its creators to truly understand their presence.
You’d have to get to the root of what they intended to say by their mysterious creation of a gigantic, mile-long monument that looks like us—and something more. “The authors of The Cydonia Codex may have provided us with just such an important, long-awaited insight into some of the, till now, hidden reasoning behind ‘The Monuments of Mars.’ Their findings neatly confirm via a totally independent terrestrial model the controversial, bifurcated aspects of the Face on Mars I first proposed in 1992.
“The Haas-Saunders research provides clear evidence that the Maya (among others) created the same symbolic duality in their sculpture, mythology, and writing system as we have now discovered in the remarkable hominid/ feline symbolism of this ancient extraterrestrial ‘monument,’ lying where it has no business being—in a northern Martian region called, ‘Cydonia.’
“A crucial future task for all researchers will be to attempt to discover if the terrestrial mythologies associated with these remarkable dual images of Mesoamerica can be traced back to the point of human origins…. For, in the end, the answers may eventually lead us to a profound re-definition of literally who and what we are. The implications that are set forth in this research—and in the Face itself— are staggering…we may all soon realize that it is truly us who are the Martians after all.”
Well, maybe some will buy that, though many will not. Either way, at least take a look—it is intriguing!

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