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DVD – The Mars Codex

“Explosive”, is the only way to describe the material in this video presentation. Narrated by Erich Boehm the documentary begins with a re-examination of the famous Face on Mars by presenting a set of companion masks discovered on a temple pyramid located in Cerros, Belize. Following the design code imbedded within the Face on Mars, the authors explore a series of recurring motifs of half and bifurcated geoglyphs” hidden in plain sight” across the surface of Mars and compare them to their terrestrial counterparts, found within the art and sculpture of Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

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“I saw it and it blew my mind”
– Martin Chicon, New York

“This square and compasses picture is truly remarkably strange…Clearly it was something that was not designed by nature”
– George Noory Coast to Coast AM




The Cydonia Codex: Reflections from Mars

In what can only be described as one of the most important archaeological and sociological discoveries in human history, The Cydonia Codex offers overwhelming evidence of aesthetic and symbolic design on the surface of the planet Mars. The authors’ research encompasses over ten years of study and analysis of NASA photographs of the “Face on Mars” and its surrounding complex. Beginning with the famous 1976 photograph of a mile-long formation found on the surface of Mars that strongly resembles a human face, Haas and Saunders offer side-by-side comparisons of the art and sculpture of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica with a set of corresponding geoglyphic structures found in the Cydonia region of Mars. The implication is staggering–Earth’s history and humankind’s origins could be very different than commonly believed. Includes black and white photos throughout, as well as illustrations.

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The Martian Codex: More Reflections from Mars

In a sense, it is a sequel to our first book The Cydonia Codex: Reflections from Mars. The new book showcases our steadfast commitment to a fair and objective exploration of the many anomalous structures that have been observed on Mars. Over the past 15 years we have documented a multitude of geoglyphic structures on the surface of Mars that appear to have a direct correlation with a unique style of terrestrial artwork produced throughout the cultures of North and South America.

This book consists of 14 chapters that are divided into two sections, including over 200 photographs and illustrations. The first half of the book begins with a short review of the past 30-year history of the Face on Mars beginning with NASA’s 1976 Viking mission, right up to British Mars Express orbiter launched in 2006. This preliminary review concludes with the 2007 MRO HiRISE image of the Face, which provides overwhelming evidence that this face-like formation is actually a two-faced structure that mimics a set of masks found on a temple located in Cerros, Mexico. The remaining chapters in the first section discuss a select group of geoglyphic formations within the Cydonia area including The Hollow, The Key and the much-debated D&M Pyramid that all share a distinct iconographic link with Pre-Columbian artwork.

The second portion of the book expands our research beyond the boundaries of Cydonia by exploring additional examples of two-faced and composite structures throughout the red planet. Drawing from an opus of archaeological scholarship and cutting edge discovery we document a series of reoccurring motifs by providing side-by-side comparisons of Martian geoglyphs with their terrestrial counterparts. The results substantiate a commonality between two worlds that both depict specific gods and characters that parallel the creation mythology of the Maya, as recorded in their sacred book known as the Popol Vuh.

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Journal of Scientific Exploration 25: 3 Fall 2011

The Journal of Scientific Exploration is devoted to the open-minded examination of scientific anomalies and other topics on the scientific frontier. Its articles and reviews, written by authorities in their respective fields, cover both data and theory in areas of science that are too often ignored or treated superficially by other scientific publications. This issue of the journal features papers on a variety of subjects. The lead article concerns near-death experiences (NDEs) and surveys several relatively unfamiliar experiences reported from near-death states that appear to form an interconnected continuum with NDEs.

The topics discussed include cases of unexplained body changes during near-death states, reciprocally confirmed out-of-body experiences and crisis apparitions, deathbed visions, the re-emergence of mental clarity shortly before death in persons with mental disorders, and unusual memories of little children. The second paper discusses an interesting parapsychological case from the first half of the twentieth century: Jeanne Laplace, who was studied extensively by Eugène Osty and his assistants at the Institut Métapsychique International (IMI) in Paris during the years 1927–1934. The third paper, on the general topic of cryptozoology, presents reasons for challenging the received interpretation of a large, long-bodied marine vertebrate in the northeast Pacific.

The authors contend, contrary to the received view, that there are good reasons for thinking that the alleged “Cadborosaurus” is a fish and not a reptile. The fourth paper concerns an avian-shaped feature on the surface of Mars, exhibiting a unique set of proportional features. The three authors who are veterinarians provide a critical analysis of the avian features, and the geologist and geoscientist authors examine natural mechanisms that could contribute to the formation of this feature. The final paper is a guest editorial, criticizing the attitudes and dialectical strategies of many of those who proclaim themselves to be skeptics of the paranormal. This issue of the JSE is then filled out, as usual, with a large selection of substantive book reviews.


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