FEBRUARY 2, 2014

HAAS & SAUNDERS ON KPTF COMMUNITY RADIO IN THE UK Although the Skype connection was a little week at times we were hopefully able to enlighten a few more people in the UK to our work with a half hour appearance on the KPTF community internet radio program.
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DECEMBER 18, 2013

SOME EXAMPLES OF MESOAMERICAN CUT-IN-HALF GLYPHS: A. represents a Cartouche (Olmec) B. represents Venus (Maya) C. represents an Inverted E Motif (Olmec) D. represents a torch (Olmec) E represents a mountain (Maya)
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DECEMBER 13, 2013

GEORGE HAAS & WILLIAM SAUNDERS APPEAR ON MIDLAND RADIO WITH MIKE VARA The program will be re-broadcast every Sunday this month.
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