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NOVEMBER 27, 2015

NASA has released a new MRO HiRISE CTX image of the Parrot on Mars (D15_033142_1288_XI_51S054W). The new image, which was taken in 2013 and recently released confirms all the parrot’s anatomical features...again. Parrotopia link:
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OCTOBER 14, 2015

Our science paper "A composite band of facial features within a winding valley of Libya Montes on the planet Mars" by William R. Saunders, George J. Haas, James S. Miller, Michael A. Dale, will be published in the Fall issue of The Journal of Space Exploration (Vol 4, no.2, 2015). Note: An on-line version of…
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July 3, 2015

The April 18th presentation of our Crown Face on Mars science paper at The Space Technology & Applications International Form in Albuquerque, New Mexico makes news in the current July/August issue of Atlantis Rising, (See page 12).
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