Monthly Archives: December 2013

DECEMBER 18, 2013

SOME EXAMPLES OF MESOAMERICAN CUT-IN-HALF GLYPHS: A. represents a Cartouche (Olmec) B. represents Venus (Maya) C. represents an Inverted E Motif (Olmec) D. represents a torch (Olmec) E represents a mountain (Maya)
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DECEMBER 13, 2013

GEORGE HAAS & WILLIAM SAUNDERS APPEAR ON MIDLAND RADIO WITH MIKE VARA The program will be re-broadcast every Sunday this month.
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DECEMBER 7, 2013

GEORGE HAAS & WILLIAM SAUNDERS APPEARING ON COAST TO COAST WITH GEORGE NOORY DECEMBER 12 Following the release of our video “The Mars Codex; Manuscript of an Ancient Text” earlier this week, we were contacted by the producers of the Coast to Coast radio show with George Noory and have been invited to appear as…
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